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Strengthening Our Most Important Asset
   Strengthening Our Most Important Asset
What Clients are Saying

"Over the last 9 months I had the benefit of having Audrey as my career coach. I found her to be very engaging, conscientious and an excellent career coach. She was able to focus my approach and commitment back on my personal development. Through a process of conducting a self assessment, outlining my career goals and desired career track we were able to develop an approach centered on skills and/or experience gaps essential to achieve my desired level. I found Audrey to be insightful, encouraging, diligent and pragmatic. She consistently challenged me to maintain my concentration and take personal responsibility for my career” Jasper Van Solinge , Microsoft Company

"Audrey has exceptional presentation skills, a strong facilitative training style and the ability to relate to audiences regardless of their race, gender or level in the organization. She continues to be a major contributor in supporting the mission of IEC Enterprises, Inc." William Shackelford, President, IEC Enterprises, Inc.

"Audrey enthusiastically brings her unique talents and skill sets to the learning experiences we offer. The diversity sessions she facilitates inspire and encourage the best in participants. Her commitment to deliver quality, professional service for the clients of J.O. Rodgers & Associates Inc. is greatly appreciated and highly valued". James O. Rodgers, CMC, President, J.O. Rodgers & Associates Inc.

"Audrey Taylor is one of the finest, most dedicated and reliable facilitator that has worked for Gooding & Associates, Inc. Her passion for meeting and exceeding the client's needs is always above and beyond expectations. I am most appreciative of her professionalism and highly recommend her as a consummate professional consultant". Glenn J. Gooding, President Gooding & Associates, Inc.

I have tremendous respect for Audrey and the ability she has to handle difficult, often trying situations with tact, delicacy and where appropriate directness. She has helped our organization to be more effective in implementing day to day business and has helped members of the management team grow as individuals and as a team". Mary Ellen Brantley, Program Manager

Typical comments from DeVry University Students, Career Development Classes

- “The instructor was well prepared and had a nice disposition. Very hands on”

- “Great facilitator, thanks Audrey”

- “Audrey presented the material on a very good level” 

- "The instructor was very good at getting the information out to us”

- "Best instructor I have ever had! Keep up the good work!”

- “I felt the instructor was well prepared and knew the subject content very well”.

- "If all instructors are like Professor Taylor, everyone that takes this course will be well informed".
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